Frequently Asked Question

1. How do you find your stylists?

All our stylists are highly experienced freelancers that have been selected by our team. The stylists do not work exclusively for Style Brigade but simply use our platform to reach clients.

2. Do I get to choose my stylist?

Yes absolutely! Each stylist will have his or her own profile page, which you can review before deciding who to go with.

3. Will I be able to speak to my stylist before the appointment?

We do ask stylists to contact you 24 hours before your appointment, however if they cannot and you have any concerns please contact the Style Brigade team and we will be happy to assist you.

4. How much space will I need at my chosen location?

Space is not a problem for us but we do request that you have a small worktop, chair which is close to at least one socket that the stylist can use.

5. How do I prepare for my appointment?

For all hair services we do request that your wash your hair on the day of your appointment. The stylist will need to work with wet hair. If this is not possible, please let the stylist know by leaving a comment when you review your booking details. For makeup services, please cleanse your skin and remove any existing makeup.

6. Will I need any special equipment for my appointment?

Other than a worktop, electrical socket and a chair you will not need any special equipment. The stylists will bring their own equipment to your appointment.

7. What products will the stylists use?

The stylists themselves choose the products used in the appointment. Given that all our stylists have been trained by renowned schools and are working at Hong Kong’s best salons, we can assure you that they will use high quality products. If you have any particular preferences for products or would prefer to use your own, please note this in the comments box when reviewing your booking details. Our stylists will do their best to accommodate your choice.

8. How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment just click on the salon or stylist section, select the service you want, choose from our range of salons or stylists and then the time and date. You will get a chance to review your booking before you send a booking request to the salon/stylist. For stylist appointments you can enter the address you would like to the stylist to come to or (if available) you can visit the stylist at their salon. We deduct $150 from the listed price for any visits to the stylist's salon.

9. What is a booking request?

Once you have chosen your service, you will be asked to submit a booking request. As soon as the salons/stylists receive the request they will be able to confirm your appointment. We ask you to wait for a confirmation, as we want to ensure that our stylists/salons are fully prepared to meet your request.

10. How long will it take for my appointment to be confirmed?

All salon appointments (booked through the salon section or the stylist section) will be confirmed within 30 minutes Stylist visits to your chosen location will be confirmed within 1 hour. You will get an email and SMS confirmation once your appointment has been confirmed.

11. Can I cancel my appointment?

We understand that your plans may change, you can cancel your appointment at no charge upto 24 hours before your appointment. If you choose to cancel later than 24 hours of your appointment start time you will be charged 100% of the service price

12. Can I change my booking?

Yes you can change your booking free of charge upto 24 hours before your appointment. You simply cancel the existing appointment and rebook entering your preferred slot Any changes made within 24 hours of your appointment start time will be subject to a charge if the stylist or salon cannot accommodate your request. Please contact us if you need to make changes within 24 hours of your appointment start time.

13. When will I be charged for my appointment?

Style Brigade will take your credit card details when you make a booking request, however your card will only be charged once the stylist or salon has confirmed that your appointment has been completed.

14. What happens if I am running late?

We understand that there are times when you get held up! However we do request that if you are running late then you contact us or the salon (if it is a salon appointment). If you are more then 15 minutes late and the stylist/salon can no longer accommodate you, you will be charged 100% of the service price.

15. How do I use discount codes?

Style Brigade may issue discount codes from time to time. When you reach the “please review your booking” page there is a field to enter the discount code. Once entered the discount will be deducted form the original price and you can proceed with the booking

16. What happens of the stylist or salon cancels my appointment?

Since you only get charged once your appointment is complete, we will not be taking any payment from you if the stylist or salon cancels. Each stylist or salon is asked to provide a reason for cancellation

17. How do I make a complaint if I am not happy with my appointment?

If you have any complaints about your appointment, please inform us immediately. We will try our best to resolve the situation.

18. What do I do if I have specific requirements/concerns/allergies?

If you have any specific requirements for your appointment, we ask you to fill in the notes section on “please review your booking” page. The stylist or salon will be able to view these and prepare for your appointment.

19. Are tips included?

Tips are not included in any bookings made through Style Brigade.

20. How long are the appointments?

The length of appointments will depend on the service you have chosen. For stylist appointments, the duration will be given when you select your service. For salon appointments the duration will be given when you choose the grade of stylist.